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Dusk welcomes the burial of my perfectly good heart
Shattered without even the chance for love to start
For the one single soul it yearned for most
Didn't notice and claimed a new host
Midnight stars console my depress'ed soul
Keeled over, teary-eyed, in it's giant hole
Wishing that I was the one he chose
To have and to hold, his delicate rose
Morning sunrise welcomes a new beau
The cushion to fall back on which softens the blow
He is the refuge I take comfort in
Though not as passionate as that first sin
Afternoon cycles such indecision
Which do I stay with, who I love within?
The one who has already been stolen
Or the one who I have started to console in?
The dusk once again returns with it's sorrow
The sun asleep before the come of tomorrow
And so the cycle endlessly courses
Until I, too, am buried beneath with the corpses
The daily cycle of a broken heart.
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December 27, 2012
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