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April 24, 2012
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Modern Disney Heroines by supereilonwypevensie Modern Disney Heroines by supereilonwypevensie
Made here: [link]

EDIT: Okay, so I changed it so hopefully it'll be easier to view larger without downloading. ^_^
Download for full view ^_^
So, I was bored last night and found this game on Doll Divine and really, really liked it so I decided to make all the Disney heroines on there and put them all together. I'm really, really happy with the way they turned out and I think I did a pretty good job interpreting their original outfits into this. I also started thinking about what if they were all high school students with modern-ish names based on their real names? :3
PS: I noticed I've left out some people that I was thinking of putting in so I'm probably going to end up adding a second one of these including Anastasia and Drizella, Tinkerbell, that whole mix so if you don't see one of your favorites in here, they may show up in another set :) May also add Anastasia and Odette even though they're not Disney :3
From left to right we have:
Snow White (Callie [Callista: fairest]): quiet, shy ninth grade girl (14 years old); short but with a beautiful singing voice; fights for animal rights; pale skin that burns easily; naive; innocent; high-pitched voice; kindly; likes apples; very trusting of all people, including strangers; part German; dating drama club member Freddie (like Ferdinand, the fan-given name for her prince)
Cinderella (Cyndie [Cynthia: moon goddess]): 10th grader (16 years old) hard-working; independent; has two mean stepsisters; part of a small clique named "The Elle's" (reference to [link]žion=&global=1&q=the+elle%27s+#/d3ad4zl); likes glass objects; does a lot of chores; part British-German; dating drama club member Charlie (like CHARming-- on an episode of Blue's Clues once I remember they had Cinderella come and she said her husband's name was Charles, not sure why I remember that but eh, se la vie [yeah, probably spelled that wrong :3])
Alice (Allison: noble): ninth grader (14 years old); curious; bit of a slacker; crazy imagination; has a cat named Dinah and older sister named Inez (like my fan-given name Ingrid for her sister); from London England; mother doesn't let her date but she fancies "the tea-obsessed kid with the big nose and top hat" aka Reggie (Reginald).
Wendy ("friend"): ninth grader (14 years old); motherly; has two younger brothers; caring; can be easily angered; likes mild control; from London, England; wants to be a mom someday; fancies ninth grade class-clown Peter.
Aurora (Dawn Rose: daybreak; rose): tenth grader (16 years old); kept under hidden identity for most of her life due to family issues; lived with her three godmothers who help dress her; tall and angular; part British-German; dating one of the hottest guys in school (and protective) Phil.
Eilonwy (Farren: adventurous): ninth grader (15 years old); adventurous; brave; a bit of a tomboy; likes dark movies; wears a golden bauble necklace that glows in the dark; of Irish-British origin; dating farm boy Raiden (Japanese god of thunder; thunder is the meaning of the name Taran).
Ariel (Thalia [short for Thalassa: sea]): tenth grader (16 years old); lives by the ocean; loves to swim; has an aquarium in her bedroom; likes to dive for pearls and collect things washed up on the beach; part of the school swim team; part Danish; has six older sisters; wants to be a mom someday; determination; part of small clique "The Elle's" dating boat-loving boy Eric.
Belle (Isabel: God's promise): 12th grader (18 years old); beautiful; bookworm; shy; has rare talent of reading and walking while avoiding collisions; keeps to herself; daughter of an inventor; French; part of small clique "The Elle's"; dating rebellious and ill-mannered boy Adam (like the fan-given name for the Beast)
Jasmine (jasmine): 10th grader (16 years old); foreign exchange student from Persia; likes tigers; has a pet tabby cat named Rajah; persuasive and manipulative; convincing actress; fights for independence and what she believes in; likes belly-dancing and interior design; dating one of the school's thiefs Al.
Pocahontas (playful): 12th grader (18 years old) independent; of Native American descent; fond her culture; likes parkour and swimming; fond of making bead crafts; doesn't really have a defined boyfriend even though people like to ship her with her old boyfriend John Smith, which was just a fling.
Esmeralda (Esme; "emerald"): 11th grader (17 years old); of French and Hispanic descent; known for her deep green eyes and named after them; part of a dance club; dances on the streets for money; categorized as an outcast; sometimes a little sexual; good friends with fellow outcast Quasi; dating guard member Phoebus.
Meg (Megan: pearl):11th grader (17 years old); fiery; keeps her distance from people; spunky; alleged stoner; recorded run-in with the law; sometimes a little sexual; Greek; dating track and weight-lifting star Ercole (variant of Hercules).
Mulan (Lani: lion): 10th grader (16 years old); likes martial arts; tomboy with a touch of girly; has a pet dog; from Chinese descent; knows how to speak Mandarin; close to her father; dating youth martial arts instructor Shang.
Jane (God is gracious): 12th grader (18 years old); British; loves science and sketching; fond of field trips; fancied by hunter Clayton; dating backwoods man Tarzan (he has dreadlocks :3)
Kida: 12th grader (18 years old); of Pacific Islander descent; likes to swim; sometimes a little sexual; dating brainy kid Milo.
Giselle (pledge): 12th grader (18 years old); part German-Danish-Canadian; innocent; loves New York; wants to be a fashion designer one day; loves kids; favorite animal is a chipmunk; loves forest animals; a little naive and gullible; part of small clique "The Elle's"; originally destined to be with drama member Edward but dating lawyer-desiring Rob.
Tiana (Lillian; Lily: innocence and purity): 12th grader (18 years old); loves to cook; of French descent; from New Orleans; wants to own a restaurant after secondary education; likes frogs; dating French drama club member Naveen.
Rapunzel (Punzie): 12th grader (18 years old); creative; loves to paint; excels in art; home-schooled most her life in a rural area without many friends; has a pet chameleon named Pascal; likes horses and dancing and painting and anything creative; symbol is a sun; part of small clique "The Elle's"dating one of the school's thieves and an orphan named Eugene Fitzherbert, known to the school by his alter ego Flynn Rider.
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MzMADness Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Merida, Tinkerbell, Vanellope, Jessie, Lilo, etc. I would say Sally, and others but idk if you can do them and those are all "stars of their show/heroines" while others are supporting. Still great work I love Snow, Ariel, and Jasmine.
supereilonwypevensie Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student
Thanks :3 Maybe if I fish out the game I made these on and find the motivation, I'll do the ones you named off, too. I would've added Merida in there as well but this was before the movie came out so I didn't know much about her yet XP
MzMADness Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
o haha still they are good. isn't there 2 new princesses as well? elsa and annie or something like that
supereilonwypevensie Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Student
Yeah, Anna and Elsa <3 I'll get to all of them when I have time!
MzMADness Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
oh sorry, anna* haha. and ok can't wait to see em!
LadyofWisps Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student Artist
You forgot Meg from "Hercules."
supereilonwypevensie Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student
Nope, she's there, too. The last one on the third row. :)
LadyofWisps Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Student Artist
supereilonwypevensie Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Student
No problemo :)
CarmenFoolHeart Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Esmeralda is of Romani ("gypsy") descent and since that's still a real thing, she ought not to be Hispanic. And Persia is not a country anymore. ^^
Very nice names you made up! And I like the outfits. It must've been hard to come up with all these different combos. Great! :D
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