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June 13, 2013
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1. If you could have any pet in the world, it would be...
[ ] A. dog
[ ] B. parrot
[ ] C. chameleon
[ ] D. pets aren't really my thing/other
[ ] E. horse
[ ] F. lizard
[ ] G. cat

2. Your ideal career is...
[ ] A. Other
[ ] B. Guidance Counselor
[ ] C. Artist
[ ] D. Criminal
[ ] E. Athlete
[ ] F. Teacher
[ ] G. Waitress

3. Out of all your friends, you are...
[ ] A. the prankster
[ ] B. the mother
[ ] C. the artist
[ ] D. the self-centered one
[ ] E. the tomboy
[ ] F. the nerd
[ ] G. the bully

4. On a Saturday, you can most likely be found...
[ ] A. making mischief with the kids in the town
[ ] B. volunteering at the local dentist's office
[ ] C. at home working on my latest project
[ ] D. robbing a store downtown with my posse
[ ] E. exploring outside
[ ] F. reading at the local library
[ ] G. attending self defense classes

5. What is your relationship with your parents like?
[ ] A. They're kind and nurturing.
[ ] B. They love me no matter what and support me in everything.
[ ] C. They're sarcastic and egotistical.
[ ] D. I'm a foster child-- I skip from family to family.
[ ] E. They don't understand me at all.
[ ] F. They have high standards I might not reach.
[ ] G. They push me to be my best.

6. What is one flaw that ends up holding you back from achieving your goals?
[ ] A. My carelessness
[ ] B. My strong emotions
[ ] C. My shyness
[ ] D. My ego
[ ] E. My stubbornness
[ ] F. My lack of physical strength
[ ] G. My competitiveness

7. Your greatest fear is...
[ ] A. Not being accepted and loved by my friends and family.
[ ] B. Seeing my crush in the arms of someone else or being betrayed by them.
[ ] C. Never reaching my goals.
[ ] D. Inability to fulfill my loved one's desires.
[ ] E. Losing my family forever.
[ ] F. Never living up to my family's expectations.
[ ] G. Having my hard work amount to nothing.

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
[ ] A. Antarctica
[ ] B. Southeast Asia
[ ] C. Germany
[ ] D. The Bahamas
[ ] E. Scotland
[ ] F. Other
[ ] G. Norway

9. Choose one word that describes you best.
[ ] A. Fun
[ ] B. Memorable
[ ] C. Creative
[ ] D. Determined
[ ] E. Brave
[ ] F. Smart
[ ] G. Strong

10. Your favorite color is...
[ ] A. Blue
[ ] B. Pink
[ ] C. Purple
[ ] D. Other
[ ] E. Red
[ ] F. Green
[ ] G. Black

11. Your favorite food is...
[ ] A. Watermelon popsicles
[ ] B. Fruit salad
[ ] C. Hazelnut soup
[ ] D. Steak
[ ] E. Pastries
[ ] F. Fish
[ ] G. Other

12. It's registration day at school! Which elective classes do you sign up for? Choose up to three.
[ ] A. Early Childhood Education
[ ] B. Dental Aide
[ ] C. Art
[ ] D. Sociology
[ ] E. Physical Education
[ ] F. Specialist History
[ ] G. Other

13. You find an anonymous love letter in your locker on Valentine's Day.
[ ] A. It's probably another one from that girl/guy who has a major crush on me. Maybe I'll go over and say hi, see what they're like.
[ ] B. I wonder who it could be from! I hope it's from the guy/girl I'm majorly crushing on!
[ ] C. Ooh, a note! Maybe the writer will reveal themselves during the day. I've never had a boyfriend/girlfriend before so this is all new to me!
[ ] D. Ha, a note? It's probably from my buds to get me all worked up.
[ ] E. Such a kind gesture but I'm not really looking to date anyone right now.
[ ] F. A note? I should study the handwriting and try to match it to my classmates, investigate to find out the writer...
[ ] G. Wow, a note? This better not be a joke!

14. A food fight erupts in the cafeteria during lunchtime. You...
[ ] A. started it in the first place!
[ ] B. pray that the authorities come and stop it as soon as possible. I'm trying to do homework!
[ ] C. are eating lunch with your favorite teacher in their classroom and therefore are away from the chaos.
[ ] D. take it as an opportunity to cut in the lunch line and steal an extra cupcake.
[ ] E. join in-- who said a little grime ever hurt anyone?
[ ] F. crawl towards the nearest exit and hope I don't get hit.
[ ] G. watch amusedly but clobber whoever throws that week-old sandwich in you face.

15. It's the annual kick-off football game for the school year. Where can you be found?
[ ] A. Playing pranks behind the bleachers.
[ ] B. Cheering on the crowd.
[ ] C. Taking pictures for the school newspaper.
[ ] D. Playing on the field.
[ ] E. Arguing with the coach on why you can't play.
[ ] F. Serving Gatorade to the players.
[ ] G. Screaming at the player's mistakes from the stands.

16. If you could be represented by any symbol, which would it be?
[ ] A. Snowflake
[ ] B. Tooth
[ ] C. Sun
[ ] D. Sword
[ ] E. Arrow
[ ] F. Pair of wings
[ ] G. Ax

Tally your score:


If you chose mostly A's...
You are Jack Frost! You are the Guardian of Fun and although you've been around for over 300 years, you still know how to have a great time. School really isn't your thing-- you hate rules and responsibility-- and you're a bit of a loner but you love your family and you'd do anything to protect them, even if it meant giving up your life. You're probably not looking for a relationship right now, even if you've got a few girls begging for a relationship with you, but love might sneak up on you when you least expect it with whom you least expect, as well. You're determined, gentle, and great with kids.

If you chose mostly B's...
You are Tooth! You are the Guardian of Memories and are bubbly, excitable, and sweet. You love children and have a very maternal quality about you and always remind people of what's important in times of need. You're probably a pretty good student and always get your work done in time, too. You love fangirling over boy bands and celebrities and probably have your eye on a special someone, too. You make friends easily and always look after them like they were your family. You're kind, beautiful, and poised.

If you chose mostly C's...
You are Rapunzel! You're the Lost Princess of the kingdom of Corona and have a way about you that always makes people smile. You don't get out much but when you do, you radiate this joy that makes even the grumpiest people smile. You're a very creative soul and probably have a bazillion hobbies and you love to daydream. You're an excellent student and great at balancing your schoolwork with your many extracurricular activities. You're probably not really looking for love but sometimes it might just sneak up on you in the fondest of ways. You make friends easily and are loved by many. You're determined, talented, and bright.

If you chose mostly D's...
You are Flynn! You're the kingdom's most wanted thief who just so happened to steal the heart of the beautiful lost princess. Sometimes you might be a bit self-centered and greedy but you're always determined to help the ones you love. Sometimes you can be a bit sarcastic and you don't always get along with everyone but you know how to flirt with the ladies. You might not hang out with the best crowd in the world or care much for school but you're charming, brave, and smart.

If you chose mostly E's...
You are Merida! You're the princess of the Scottish Highlands and although you may be royal by blood, you're a free spirit by heart. You might not get along great with your parents or care much for school but you're brave beyond comparison and love adventuring. You detest the prim and proper standards of women today; you'd much rather be getting down and dirty in sports. You hate the idea of having a boyfriend and would rather find love in your own time. You're brave, determined, and intelligent.

If you chose mostly F's...
You are Hiccup! You're the son of a Viking chief though you aren't exactly stereotypical Viking material. Some might call you kind of nerdy, always studying and investigating things, but you get super great grades in school and find innovative new ways to solve problems. You'd rather resolve conflict with gentle confrontation and discussion rather than brutal combat but you're not afraid to stand up for yourself, even if you aren't the strongest. You've probably got your eye on someone special, even if they don't think anything of you at first, and are intelligent, loyal, and hardworking.

If you chose mostly G's...
You are Astrid! You're the fighter Viking chick with the kick-ass moves whose determination gets her going. You wouldn't dare sit on the sidelines while the men go fight and you like to do things on your own. You're hard to impress and easy to make jealous but your stubbornness adds to your ferocity and strong-willed nature. Despite being tough on the outside, once you open up you can be a kind and loyal friend. Due to your competitive nature, you probably have great grades and though you don't really bother with boys, one might sneak up from under you. You're brave, strong, and loyal.

My result:

There didn't seem to be any good Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons quizzes out there, so I took the liberty of making one myself. It's pretty self explanatory and I'm too tired to go through it so yeah :3

Hope you enjoy and please, if you do this, put it in a journal and NOT IN THE COMMENTS. I'd like to save the comments for linking back, mmkay? Just trying to keep things organized. Hope you like :)
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SilverFallenAngeI Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
i only have one for tooth wow and the rest 2-3 except rapunzel
SilverFallenAngeI Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
im a huge astrid fan though and i had to choose more than one answer
SilverFallenAngeI Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
rapunzel, every time i take some big four quiz i get rapunzel -_-
Bella-blitz Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Astrid Meh 
YasaminK Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
That description was almost spot on for me. I got Jack Frost! YAY!!!
TheToughGreenGirl Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
YasaminK Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
ME TOO!!!! I got 8 As!!!!!
Ugly-Duckling123-2 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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i got hiccup
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I'm tied between Rapunzel and Astrid
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